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Intek Glass Hardwares has rich heritage on providing premium architectural Glass Hardwares in the world market We are continuously producing innovative products and attained new levels of excellence in design, manufacturing, functionality, with quick installation and durability

About Intek

Intek Hardwares has achieved a pre-eminent position in the world market for more than 30 years, supplying first class architectural glass hardwares and developing a succession of innovative products that have attained new levels of excellence in design, manufacturing, functionality, ease of installation and durability.

The manufacturing is done by Design, Research and Development team who understand the product & its functionalities. A trained & experienced Quality Control Department ensures that each product conforms to the clients’ requirements, ensuring zero tolerance

  • World Leader in Architectural Glass Hardware industry.
  • Intek maintains production plants in Taiwan and China, R&D in Germany
  • Intek provides innovative hardware solutions for architects, façade consultants, builders, glazing contractors and home owners.
  • Intek provides Architecture hardware design solution for all major verticals like hospitality , IT, Airports, Metro stations , Health care, institutions, factories and commercial buildings.

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